“Melancholia”—–/Tedious, Weird, Pointless/

“Melancholia” is a movie that I strongly dislike. Some people may tell you that it is a brilliant work of art representing the great themes of life. I would agree that it does demonstrate “man’s inhumanity to man,” specifically the filmmaker’s inhumanity to moviegoers.

Lars von Trier, a Dane, is the guy who wrote and directed the movie. Blame him for this mess.

The title has two meanings. It is the name of a form of clinical depression, which Kirsten’s Dunst’s character suffers from. It is also the name of a planet in the movie, which is on a collision course with earth. The collision results in the end of the world. It takes so long to get to that conclusion that I found myself thinking of the old Meatloaf lyric “now I’m praying for the end of time.”

“Melancholia” will gain notoriety for its shots of a nude Kirsten Dunst. Her gratuitous nudity, like the entire movie, is tedious, weird and pointless.

In its favor, the movie has a nice opening montage, some beautiful images and an interesting assortment of characters. Sadly, what happens to these characters is not interesting.