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My Fave Movie Moments in 2016


Due to family circumstances I missed many of this year’s best films.

So, in lieu of a 2016 top ten movies list, here are my ten favorite movie moments I enjoyed this year!

  1. The Nice Guys—Ryan Gosling on a public toilet when the stall door opens. His attempt to control his gun, manage his cigarette, fold up his newspaper and pull up his pants is a nice piece of physical comedy in an underappreciated movie.
  2. Deadpool—The opening credits. Best ever.
  3. Doctor Strange—His shoutout to the song Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione. (Prompted me to Google Chuck and learn that he’s still alive!)
  4. The Jungle Book—Bill Murray’s voice work as Baloo. (Honorable mention to Christopher Walken voicing King Louie.)
  5. Captain America: Civil War—The epic intramural fight scene. Also, Iron Man’s nickname for Spiderman. He calls the young webslinger “Underoos.”
  6. The Boss—The street fight between two groups of women is hilariously funny, although the rest of the movie disappoints.
  7. Zootopia—The sloth at the DMV scene was tipped in trailers but still is clever and memorable.
  8. Hail, Caesar!—The Gene Kelly-like dance scene anchored by Channing Tatum. Beautifully staged and shot. And funny.
  9. Sully—The scene depicting the Hudson River landing looks real. Great work by Clint Eastwood’s effects team.
  10. Finding Dory—All the screen time given Hank the shape-shifting octopus. Yo, Pixar, Hank needs his own movie!

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