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From the opening title sequence, which is just about the best ever, to a truly wonderful Stan Lee appearance, to the Marvel trademark post-credits coda, Deadpool is bursting with surprises, action and superhero fun.

Deadpool has an edge not seen before in Marvel movies. It earns its R rating with salty language, nudity, sex (including some kinky stuff) and intense violence. But, along with its edge, Deadpool always has a quip or a funny sequence just around the corner.

Deadpool is the new (superhuman—but disfigured) version of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), one of the X-Men. Wilson falls in love with the gorgeous Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) but he is soon stricken with terminal cancer.

Wilson undergoes treatment, administered by Francis (Ed Skrein) and cohort Angel Dust (Gina Carino). The painful procedure cures his cancer but leaves his face and skin looking horrible. The treatment also makes gives him super strength and makes him virtually immortal.

“You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado, “ is how his friend/bartender Weasel (T.J. Miller) describes Deadpool’s post-treatment look. (He follows that line with a more graphic description.) Miller, from the Silicon Valley TV show and the Shocktop Super Bowl spot, plays his role laidback until he has to urge Deadpool to seek out Vanessa.

Because his looks are so gruesome, Deadpool avoids his true love because he fears she’ll be repelled by his looks. But they reconnect and she is part of the film’s big action sequence, a battle between Deadpool and Francis. Deadpool gets assistance from X-Men Colossus (Stefan Capicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). NTM’s resemblance to a certain pop singer generates one of Deadpool’s funniest lines.

Despite a costume similar to Spiderman’s and occasional reminders of Jim Carrey’s The Mask character’s speaking voice, Deadpool feels fresh. Deadpool delivers numerous asides directly to the audience, which is not normal superhero behavior.

And, in my estimation, Reynolds’ likability is exceeded in the Marvel world only by audience affection for Robert Downey Jr.

Deadpool should have a huge weekend at the box office, especially if ticket sellers are willing to agree with eager 15-year-olds that “yeah, you look seventeen” and admit them to this R-rated film.

If you are a fan of Marvel and superhero movies, Deadpool is a “must see.” Enjoy!



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