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“Like Crazy”—(Like, Not Love)

A giant poster in the theater lobby has raves galore for “Like Crazy.”  The poster has a list of film festivals that have given the movie gobs of awards.  The poster’s message is clear:  If you don’t love this movie, there’s something wrong with you.

Sorry, I did not love “Like Crazy.”  I liked it.

“Like Crazy” captures the magic of falling in love. Those first days, weeks and months when you are head over heels are special. In “Like Crazy,” we meet two attractive young people, Anna and Jacob, and watch them enjoy the start of their romance. If you have ever fallen in love, you will relate.

After the first act though, the movie loses its mojo.  A visa problem provides a major plot point.  Anna, from England, is not allowed back into the US to be with Jacob. What follows is time spent apart, new love interests for each, a visit by Jacob to Anna in England and the eventual resolution of the story.

For a movie with lots of talk and little action, the two stars bring their best to these roles. Felicity Jones is Anna and Anton Yelchin is Jacob. Good to see former TV hospital staffers Alex (“E.R.”) Kingston and Finola (“General Hospital”) Hughes in supporting roles as Anna’s mom and boss, respectively.

If you are in the mood for a romantic movie that may take you back to the first time (or first few times) you fell in love, try “Like Crazy.” Or if you are still waiting to fall madly in love, you may want to check it out.  Just be sure to walk quickly past that giant poster in the lobby.

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