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“The Big Year”: A Big Yawn

“The Big Year” is a weak, disappointing movie.

Don’t blame its three likeable stars, Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson.  Blame the people who saddled them with the characters, the story and the script.

This is a comedy that’s not funny.  Okay, there were a handful of near chuckles.

“The Big Year” is the story of three “birders” who compete to see who can view the largest number of bird species in one calendar year.  Each of the three has issues with family members and/or co-workers who think their passion for birding is a bit crazy.  I tried to care about them and their outcomes but could not.

I can say three good things about “The Big Year.”  The scenery is beautiful—most of the birding expeditions take place in gorgeous settings.  The soundtrack includes Coldplay’s great song “Viva La Vida.”  And there are no F-bombs or nudity, so you can take your geezerly parents and grandparents without fear of offending their delicate sensibilities.

Bottom line:  Unless you are a hopelessly devoted fan of any or all of the three leads, fly away from “The Big Year.”










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