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“What’s Your Number?” On a scale of 10, about 1-point-5.

“What’s Your Number?” is not what you would call a “good movie.”

Does it have any redeeming values?  Yes, but just a few.

For women, you get multiple shots of Chris “Captain America” Evans with his shirt off—even some with his pants off, too!  Also, Anna Faris is cute and likable.  The movie contains one exceptionally hilarious sight gag, but I will not be a spoiler and share anything about it.  Wedding scenes are a romantic comedy staple and the wedding in “What’s Your Number” is a good one.

The story:  Faris is a 30ish single woman.  She reads in Marie Claire that the average woman has slept with 10.5 guys.  She totes up her own number and finds it much higher than 10.5 and higher than those of some other women she asks.  Noting that her sister’s fiancée has improved with age, Faris decides to stop at 20 and choose Mr. Right from among her former lovers.  Goofy logic, yes, but without this decision, we wouldn’t have a movie.

She engages a hunky neighbor (Evans), who comes from a family of cops, to help track down her past hookups.  You might guess what transpires.

If romantic comedies are your absolute very favorite type of movie, there is a slight chance you might like this one.  Even then, you might want to just wait till March and grab it at Redbox.

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