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“I Don’t Know How She Does It” is fluff. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

“I Don’t Know How She Does It” is a very long title.  I hope it fits on the marquee at a theater near you.

“IDKHSDI” is a cute little piece of fluff.  It’s a movie for moms, especially moms with small children.  Moms who love working and feel guilty about leaving their kids at home.  Will it hit close to home? Yes, but—if you are a mom, working or not—you’ll be amused for 90 PG-13 minutes.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character has to deal with this guilt, as well as people like the stay-at-home moms who always look perfect and say “IDKHSDI.”  She also copes with Kelsey Grammer as her demanding boss and Seth Myers as her “DOA.”  (See movie to find out what “DOA” stands for.)

SJP has some smarts in her gig and gets to work on a big proposal with Pierce Brosnan.  Will their long hours spent together lead to more, since she spends less time with hubby Greg Kinnear?  And will she ever find time to build a snowman with her kids?  Spoiler alert:  no and yes.

The “asides” in the movie (spoken directly to the audience) are occasionally funny, especially those delivered by Olivia Munn as SJP’s assistant.  Not exactly a laugh riot, “IDKHSDI” delivers a few chuckles here and there.  It’s harmless.  If you are an SJP fan (or if your wife is), give it a whirl.

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